2020 Virtual Gathering

Our 2020 Logo from Artist Dana Fish

The 2020 Catskill Gathering of Rodmakers will be held wherever you like
September 5-12, 2020

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The 26th Catskill Rodmakers Gathering will take place on Saturday, September 12.  This year’s theme will be “The One That Got Away”.  We have some outstanding programs this year.

Per Brandin will do a presentation on E.C. Powell’s rods. Powell’s taper concepts, cedar lamination, semi-hollow construction, distinctive node staggering, and other processes. Per will briefly cover how his early hollowing ideas evolved over time and greatly influenced modern bamboo rodmaking. These concepts are basically excerpts from his upcoming book, “A Fly Rod With a Soul; the bamboo fishing rods and life of E.C. Powell, Angler”.

Tim Abbott will do his program “The Art of Deflection”, a study of rod deflection and taper design. Tim’s mind, as ever, never rests. He has incorporated some new ideas in his program.

James Bond will be doing two programs from the wilds of Canada (Toronto). One is making NS reel seats from tube, the other is “simple ferrule fitting” showing how to fit a male female ferrule using 3M “wet or dry” papers. If you haven’t seen his online videos, you should check out his Canebuilder youtube videos.

Tom Mason, legendary Catskill flytier and fisherman will be doing a fly tying program, focusing on Catskill style flies.

Hoagy Carmichael will give us a tour of the Garrison-Carmichael Rodshop. He will be available to answer all your questions regarding his life, Mr. Garrison, and some of the tools in the rodshop, many of which have never been seen by an entire generation of rodmakers.

Bob Summers, masterful rodmaker from Traverse City, will be doing a program on his beginnings with Paul Young and his influences in rodmaking, and possibly a visit to his shop.

Chet Croco, who has given so much to our craft and the Catskill Fly Fishing Center, will present the Bellinger Award to this year’s recipient.

Jeff Hatton will visit us courtesy of his new dvd series on the GTRS, the Gnomes Traveling Rod Show, which traces the history of rodmaking from the mid 18th century to the present

Bob Nunley has been wrapping rattan grips for many years and may well be responsible for the resurgence in its use. if you are tired of dealing with low grade cork, this is the program for you.

Dave Rinker will do a program on drawing pocketed butt caps and another on electrochemical etching.

Troy Miller incredible caster and engineer, will do a program on the physics of the cast.

Gary Young will do a program on prepping metal surfaces for bonding, using chemical etching.

Hap Mills the former owner of H.L. Leonard Rod Company will do a program from his home in Florida.

Jerry Kutsich, rodmaker, author, and owner of Swretgrass Rods will join us talk to us about all things Bamboo.

Jerry Girard, one of the most esteemed historians of the bamboo community, will do a program on Unusual Fly-fishing Treasures.

Chris Bogart has led us on many expeditions into the mysteries of our craft. Now he shares with us his steps in Preparing Tapers for a CNC Mill, and part two, loading them on the mill and cutting strips.

Justin Johnson will do a program on the Beginners Guide to Wrapping With Silk.

Dana Fish will take us through the process of Making a Landing Net. You’ve tied the fly, built the rod. Now make the net to bring your trout in. Dana has a also done an amazing job on the artwork for this year’s Gathering. Thank you Dana!

Tim Abbott has made another program for us. If you have ever seen one of Tim’s rods, you were probably wondering what those little dots along the length of the rod were. We call them nodes. Tim will take you through the process of prepping strips using several different approaches to getting perfect strips for planing. This is a must see for newbies and old pros alike, and well worth the registration fee.

All of these programs are a must see for bamboo lovers.  There may be one or two additions to the program, but as yet they have not been formalized.

This year’s Catskill Rodmakers will be a virtual event. We will not be getting together with all our old friends on the banks of the Willowemoc.  We will be filming our programs and putting them online for people to view starting a week before the date of the Gathering.  On the 12th of September, all of our presenters will be live via Zoom from the CFFCM’s Wulff Gallery or Catskill Rodmakers Workshop and Heritage Craft Center to answer any questions you may have for our speakers.

The cost of this year’s virtual gathering will be $75. All registrants will receive a “2020 One That Got Away “Tee shirt and be entered in a drawing to win a 7’6” , 4 wt.  quadrate bamboo rod donated by Alan Kube, Bellinger Award winner and friend of the Center.

Each year, at Gatherings around the country and the world, auctions are held as a fundraiser for various organizations that we want to help out. The Catskill Rodmakers have always used the proceeds from our fundraising to benefit the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. This the home of the Catskill Rodmakers Workshop and Heritage Craft Center. We are a living museum, doing workshops on rodbuilding , flyting, and youth education programs.

The CFFCM, like many other businesses and organizations, has been closed this year. They need our help. They need your help. I know many of you have passed thru our doors. Many of you have helped us in the past. We need your help again.

I hope you all will consider donating an item to our auction. We plan to list them online in the CFFCM’s store for a week prior and have online bidding for our items. We also want to request our virtual attendees to send us a photo or video of their stories about ‘the one that got away’. No matter how that is interpreted. The fish, the rod, the love. You can be in your shop, yard, or stream, whatever.  We’ll glue the snippets together into a video, something called ‘Rough Cuts’. You are also requested to say a word or two about the item you donated to our online auction this year. We’d love to know about it, and it will definitely be of interest to the bidders.

We will all miss Dave Fitch’s mouthwatering smoked beef, pork and beans this year… So may we suggest that on September 12 you fire up the barbecue, grill yourself some ribs and chicken, get out your Catskill Gathering beer glass, pour yourself a cold one, and plant yourself comfortably in front of your computer on that Saturday in September. We will all be there with you. And remember, your admission fee will make sure that the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum will be here when we see each other again in 2021.

Stay safe,
Mike Canazon