2019 Gathering

The 2019 Catskill Rodmakers Gathering netted $13,425 for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum! Congratulations everyone on an amazing event with outstanding results!

Another amazing logo from legendary artist Kim Mellema
Kim catches everyone at their very best

The 2019 25th Anniversary Catskill Rodmaker’s Gathering at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum was a grand get together of rod makers from new to expert.
Featured were great food and excellent presentations to supplement the friendship and conversation.

2019 Demarest Challenge Winners:
Bob Hallowell (also winner of the Gathering Dance Competition), second place John Letsche, and third place Bob Cross.

2020 Demarest Challenge: 7 foot 4 weight 1 piece
Reel seat, hardware, ferrules are builder’s choice

Kim Mellema wins the 2019 Bellinger Award!

The Golden Micrometer Awards presented to James Krul, Tom Smithwick, and Chris Bogart

All photo credit goes to Rick Losey, Lisa Thoresen, and Kim Mellema