The Gathering

Kim Mellema

2019 Gathering Registration is now LIVE!

To guarantee your name makes it on the shirt and to get beer glasses or hats you must register and order before August 1, 2019. Registrations after August 1 will cost $100 and you will miss out on the goods.

A note on shirts: All names will be in a list on the back of all the shirts. You do not need to purchase a shirt, your name will be printed on the shirt as you enter it on the form.

Please visit the Museum’s online form for registration here: Online Registration Page

Download and print form to submit by mail on the museum’s site


Tim Abbott’s Lathe Master Class is FULL, thank you everyone for your interest!

To sign up for Chris’ workshop – please send an email to Class is first come first served, and email times will determine order of submission.

The Workshops:

Bamboo Rod Design and Analysis (RodDNA) Software –Chris Bogart
Software Download Page
This latest program, RodDNA Designer, takes that first step made by RodDNA and runs with it to provide the first full fledge bamboo rod taper development and analysis environment. It puts together a comprehensive suite of tools that delivers to the bamboo rod maker the power to design and analyze new tapers quickly and easily. The tool suite includes both traditional bamboo design tools and introduces the rod designer with new and innovative design tools that makes RodDNA Designer the most complete and powerful bamboo fly rod taper design suite ever.
Workshop 2019 Overview
Review of RodDNA Capabilities
Some of the Nitty Gritty of RodDNA
Workshop Practical Exercises
Create your own Database
Modify default settings
Modify and compare tapers
Student questions

How to Run a Lathe Master Class for RodmakersTim Abbott
With the addition of new machinery in the rod shop we now have the opportunity to expand the educational goals of the CFFCM. With this in mind, Tim Abbott is offering a master class on lathe work for rod makers. Whether you have experience or are just starting out, this class will cover everything you need to know to fabricate rod components and accessories.
Due to the rod makers’ class being held the week before the Gathering, the class will be held on the Monday and Tuesday following the Gathering, September 9&10. This will allow enough time to not only cover tooling and techniques, but also to make parts demonstrating what you have learned.
Cost for the 2 day class is $250 with 100% of the proceeds going to support the CFFCM. Class size is limited to 8 students.
Tim Abbott is a Catskill rodmaker of the year honoree and Bellinger award winner. He has refined many of the processes that rodmakers have employed for several generations. This class, like the others Tim has taught will advance your skills immeasurably.

The 2019 Demarest Challenge – TSA Special

To avoid the miseries of checking an oversize object, having it stuffed behind the left wheel and then waiting extra long at pickup just to find out it’s in the “special area” – It’s time to craft a rod that is TSA friendly. Small enough to slide into a carry-on duffle (except in Argentina – they bust you), and just as likely to garner full lodge attention on arrival. Test your math and magic skills with this year’s Harold Demarest fly rod making challenge.

The Rod:
Tonkin Cane | 4 equal length sections | 8 foot (+/- 1″) | 5 weight line
Ferrules, grip, etc are at the discretion of the builder

The Challenge:
2 rounds – Accuracy and Distance – Weighed Equally
All casting will be done by our assigned professional casters
Builders will not be required to cast this year

  • Accuracy follows the ACA trout fly event, with targets set out to 50 feet.
  • The distance event will consist of each caster having 5 minutes to cast each rod, with only the longest cast counting.

2018 Gathering

For a full review and many excellent photos of the 2018 Catskill Gathering, please visit
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The 2018 Demarest Challenge was easy – simple as making a toothpick, right? 2 weight, 2 ounces – cast at a series of 5 targets. Two expert casters and the maker cast for points. The combined results of the 3 casters determined the rod’s score.

Here is Chris Bogart congratulating winner Frank Payne with second place winner, Kyle Letsche and third place Aaron Wiener